Hardness Testing


Allows to measure the microhardness of both hard and soft materials. This analysis makes it possible to evaluate the quality of materials surface and reinforced layers, and to determine the thickness of the surface coating of certain materials

Hardness Tester МНV 1000

Automated stationary microhardness tester MNV 1000 is designed for measuring both hard and soft materials according to the Vickers scale at applied force from 10 to 1000 gf, automatic loading, dwell time from 5 to 60 s and unloading. Measurement is carried out manually at a magnification of 400X. Resulting indent is photographed, measured and converted to microhardness automatically. 

The analysis is performed according to DSTU ISO6507-1-2007, DSTU ISO 3887-2009, ISO 4507 2000, ISO 18203 2016, DSTU EN ISO 4498:2014 and other.

Analysis conducted

  • Microhardness testing according to the Vickers scale
  • Determination of the depth of decarburization of steels
  • Determination of thickness of  strengthened surface layers by measuring the microhardness of sintered, cemented or nitrated iron materials 
  • Determination of thickness of strengthened surface layers (nitrated layer) in steels.
  • Determination of apparent hardness and microhardness of sintered metallic materials.
  • Determination of microhardness of hard alloys, ceramics and solder joints.