Transmission electron microscopy

Allows you to observe on the screen and photograph (digital recording) images of objects in a wide range of magnifications, get diffraction patterns, explore objects with their inclination and rotation using a goniometric device.

Transmission electron microscope PEM-U

Analysis conducted

  • Microstructural investigations of thin foil and thin film materials “upon transmission” in the ight and dark field imaging modes with an magnification of up to 10⁶ times and high resolution (up to 1 nm) with high localization (up to 1 micron and less)
  • Determination of the sizes of dispersed particles, crystallites, and cells; study of the crystal structure defects (dislocations, stacking faults, twins, grain boundaries and triple points of grains)
  • Study of the structure and phase composition of materials by electron diffraction method with the obtaining of electronograms
  • Investigation of materials structure using replicas taken from the surface of bulk materials
  • Morphological analysis of the elements of the received images