Multielemental compositional analysis of alloys

Allows direct measurement of the mass fractions (concentration) of chemical elements in metal alloys using non-destructive Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence spectroscopy (EDXRF) without the use of standards.


The model “EXPERT 3L” provides quantitative determination of elements from 12Mg to 92U in all types of alloys (both standard and non-standard) when performing majority metallurgical measurements: scrap metal sorting; quality control of the chemical composition of raw materials; operational control of the composition of the metal in the process of its smelting; final quality control of products, etc. In most cases, the accuracy and sensitivity of quantitative analysis with the help of “EXPERT 3L” are not inferior to traditionally used chemical and optically-emission methods of analysis within the requirements of GOST and DSTU.

Technical Specifications

  • Range of elements sensitivity: from magnesium (12Mg) up to uranium (92U)
  • Samples: bulk, homogenous alloys
  • Minimum/maximum sample dimensions: from 3х3х1mm up to 100х100х60mm
  • Maximum sample weight: 10 kg
  • Testing timespan: 300-600 s